Personal {& Maybe Professional?} Development Adventures: Online Coding School!

Earl Grey & Honey

So, I have always had an interest in being a computer nerd! I can remember as a little girl watching my technologically-inclined father taking apart a computer and putting it back together again – but in better functionality! I, too, had “the gift” of being able to take things apart and put them back together. My first watch, I remember it clearly: it was a Mickey Mouse watch with his gloved hands as the hand ends pointing to the time and a dark brown band with “gold” accents. I grabbed a screwdriver and began dismantling the device and observing how all of the gears and dials intertwined to make the ticking sound. The fun part: putting it back together and it actually working.

Needless to say the watch is no longer with us {we can’t all be engineers!} but I learned a valuable lesson that day! Things fit together perfectly…

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